have a lots of story to tell and here there goes....

1 jan

>>>> spend my time at new year at home sweet home with my crazy sister. cik non, yah n acik kok inah. we have girl stuff to chat n gossip of course. my sis cik non doing her internship at hospital kuantan for 6 month, while the other two sister still study.

2 jan

>>>> went to my atok house to see my little bro adam najmi. i don't know why i'm behaving like a little kid because i like to make my lil bro crying. satu kepuasan tengok die menangis.... i'm the very bad sis in the world.

3 jan

>>>> went to kl with my bro accompany him to send his resume and sign a new contract with alam maritime.

4 jan

>>>> went to matrik kuala pilah to settle my bro registration.

5 jan

>>>> went to temerloh. paid my insurance, asb and shopping. i like!

6,7 jan

>>>> went to malacca.

this is part we continue with part 2....

10 jan.....

i'm turn 25.... its just a number ( ayat nak sedapkan hati okeh) , received a lots of wishes from friends and relatives. thank you. went to secret having a dinner. on my way back from work, my friend cik ryna suddenly call me. i'm so surprise. she getting married on 29 jan... i'm happy for her. she invite me to her wedding ceremony but i'm not promise to attend yea cik ryna(if she read my entry).

15 jan

this date is so memorable to me why because i meet my good friends during my school time. yed,mak n ayamok...( this story i will post in new entry yang super duper panjang). what i can said, i love all of them and they all so being a grown up girl and beautiful too.

p/s:i delete all the older post because i want to start a new chapter in my little world...xoxo....muess kess kess